Rimini and its coast

Born and raised in Italy 🍕

Born and raised in a little city near the beach, Rimini.

I was always interested in digital products. Since High School, I knew I wanted to work on products used daily.

Over the time, I realised that I could give more while being another ‘version’ of myself.

That’s when I joined the University of Birmingham to study Human Computer Interaction 🇬🇧.

Me while running a study at the University of Birmingham

From coding to design

‘Mattia, why did you switch to User Experience?’

Coding is a life-long passion I have since I was 12 years old, when I started building side project just to learn new things. Then, the High School final exam came, and I had the pleasure to work on a project (which is one of my case studies) with a classmate.

That experience fired up my passion for solving real problems in people’s daily life. This fire became stronger while studying Computer Science at the University of Bologna. Whenever possible, we (or ‘I’ if I was working solo) tried to include as many friends and family members as possible to design and develop something with the voice of the users.

When it was time to choose between continuing to study or work, the choice was easy.

Me while swimming in a competition

A sports man

I've been a competitive swimmer since I was seven years old in a local swimming team in Rimini.

To be honest, it wasn't a swimming team, it was and it is more like a second family, always there when I need an advice.

Swimming shaped a big part of the person I'm today, but despite being a solo kind of sport, it taught me big values such as respect for others and the value of having friends all over the country.

Doing sport takes up a huge amount of energy, so I love eating pizza, pasta and chicken, especially when my brother cooks for me. He is a chef!